Chef Michael

Chef’s Background

Michael Hogan, Bangkok Marriott Queen’s Park Hotel’s new Executive Chef, has been influenced by food his entire life.

Having spent his childhood cooking for his family in Queensland, Chef Michael learned his craft as a chef’s assistant at a small restaurant just down the street from his home. Since then, his career has taken him to the kitchens of high-end hotels across Asia Pacific.

Chef Michael’s passion for cooking is clear to see, and his creative talent is evidenced by the array of awards he has won, most recently as JW Marriott’s global ‘Chef of the Year’.

In 2016 Chef Michael joined Bangkok Marriott Queen’s Park Hotel’s pre-opening team, and was tasked with developing the creative direction of the capital city’s largest hotel. He has taken up the challenge with relish, and is now well on the way to positioning the hotel as one of Bangkok’s foremost dining establishments.

Chef’s Motivation

“Growing up in Australia I started cooking after school for my family and friends. And this is still the greatest pleasure I get as a chef; being able to create dishes that bring people together and make them happy. That’s what cooking should be about.

“It’s also a great honor to take part once again in the Bangkok Chefs’ Charity Gala Dinner this year. It’s not every day that we’re able give something back to society, so it’s wonderful to be able to use my passion for food to help improve the lives of children in underprivileged communities.

“These occasions remind us all how fortunate we are. Food has a wonderful way of developing bonds and relationships; it is my mission is to put a smile on the faces of all our guests and diners at the Bangkok Marriott Queen’s Park Hotel.”