Chef Aon

Born and raised in Lad Krabang district on the outskirt of Bangkok, Chef Aon grew up in a house with small garden tended by her grandparents who sold vegetables and snake skin gourami fish (plaa salid) from their own farm. Chef Aon moved to Bangkok to pursue education in high school level and lived with her maternal grandparents, who did catering for religious events in the community. Her grandmother as well as her mother are renowned cooks within the local community, and their expertise and unique know how later inspired Chef Aon to start cooking and falling in love with food.

Chef Aon pursued a degree in marketing and SME retail business management where she had the chance to train in a hotel kitchen where her passion in food grew stronger and more prominent. It was only natural that upon graduation, she applied with a position in the kitchen at JW Marriott Bangkok. Grateful at the opportunity and at the time slightly nervous to start a career where she had no academic background of, Chef Aon finally proved herself and became a full-time employee after half a year as a temporary staff. Since then, her aspiration sent her off to win multiple awards, promote Thai cuisine in seven countries all over the world. Her accolades include Skill Testing Center at Dusit Thani College October 2009, TICC 2010 Modern Thai Cuisine Cooking Contest team of 3, Thai Food Contest Culinary Cup 2009, Thai Restaurant contest Awarded 2007 and Award JW Master Chef at JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok.

“Thai cuisine is part of my lifestyle that I have been familiar with since I was a child.” Chef Aon says. “I helped out in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, and that small life experience became something very valuable to me. It gives me love for the job I do, and inspires me to do better. I hope for Siam Tea Room to be a warm, memorable and happy restaurant for Thai cuisine for diners of every gender and age. The recipes I use at Siam Tea Room are actually passed down to me from my great grandmother. The secret recipes are now revamped and presented in contemporary flair to make for memorable dining experience.”

Chef Aon’s signature dishes that include toast with pandan leaf kaya custard, som chun salad with plaa salid, beef cheek in massaman curry, grilled pork ribs with chili sauce, pad tai with chan noodles and prawn among many others.